XLR Mic Adapter For HamRadio

In the advent of getting my rigs hooked up for hands free work, I was able to get a foot switch easily enough as well as a 600 Ohm mic. However in order to take a XLR mic and put it to a RJ45 or regular mic connector you need to make a 1:1 transformer.

I used a Hammond 107H transformer and its as simple as taking two outputs from the XLR and putting it into the 1 & 3 pins of the transformer. Then on the other side of the tranformer take pins 4 & 6 and put it into the + and - input of your rigs mic port.

Basically the schematic will look like the following:

It has worked out quite well for me. A great way of beating RFI is to keep all wiring in shielded RJ45 wire like cat6E and try to place the whole thing in a metal / shielded case.

Special thanks to VO1GXG for a huge help with this project.